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Hello, I am currently looking for a few roleplays. The main subject  I am looking for however is a Marvel genre where I would like to play as James (Bucky) Barnes aka. the winter soldier. If that doesn’t interest you then I have other options as well. 

I do fandom and original. For original I prefer to keep things historical. I love nearly any era and some fantasy can be added in as well if desired. Some eras I have done and would like to do would include. 

(WWI, WWII*, Civil War, Crusades, Old West*, Medieval/ Med. Fantasy, Tudor, French Revolution, 100 year war, Russian Revolution, American Revolution, Etc) I do many more, the starred are what I am seeking at the moment, but you can just suggest away if you like.

For Fandoms I like to base things off a story and use our own character or the other way around and use characters in our own version, or a combination thereof. 

[Phantom of the Opera (Erik), True Blood (Eric, OC) Thor/Asgard (Loki), Xmen (Charles, Logan), LOTR/Hobbit (Aragorn, Kili, OC), maleficent (Diaval), Bourne Series (Jason, Aaron, OC), Only Lovers Left Alive (Adam)]

The characters that are in the parenthesis are the ones that I prefer to play…as you can see I do prefer to play male characters but would rather partake in m/f relationships.

I cannot think of anything else off the top of my head but please suggest. 
I only roleplay over email at zshadowfax@gmail.com
As a disclaimer, I do work and I do go to school, there may be times where I cannot reply on a daily basis. 
Happy Hunting. 

Hetalia rp?

 I’ll keep this short, so I’ll just say - I’ve been wanting to do some good Hetalia roleplaying, and I’d thought I’d post an ad here to see if anyone might be interested. I can do any kind of pairing (yaoi, yuri, het), and I prefer at least semi-literate paragraph form rps. I can do AUs and that sort of thing, though I have a bit of a soft spot for more historical rps. I smut, but I’d prefer that you are over eighteen if you want to write out something NSFW.

When it comes to pairings and all that - I am up for most things. Really, just pitch me the pairing you want, and I’ll see what I can do. However, I am particularly interested in the Eastern European nations, so any pairing involving them will be a definite yes. I absolutely would love to play Lithuania (LietPol, LietBel, RusLiet - please?), and am also really interested in trying out Belarus.

Contact me at: wideanddeepandhigh@gmail.com

childish teen wants to rp


It’s more than likely that I’ll forget something important something important that I should’ve put here (and of course I’ll conveniently remember it later), but I’ll try to share everything I ought to.  Hi, I’m Zebby!  I draw things a lot and I love chickens.  I’m a transgender boy, and I have seven years of rp experience under my belt.  The first few years of that was a drawing-based fighting game with my annoying brother, but it was an rp all the same, mmhm.  I’m fifteen years old and my timezone is EST, and my personality type is isfj.


As long as you’re nice, I’m sure we’ll get along!  I’d love to be friends.  I do expect a minimum of one paragraph per ic post from you, with readable spelling and punctuation at worst.  If you make mistakes, like any and every human being, that is completely understandable.  I only rp with other teenagers, because that’s just what makes me most comfortable, and I expect you to contribute to the plotting process.


My plot bunnies and my face have one thing in common: they could honestly both belong to a twelve-year-old.  I know that my taste is childish, but I think this kind of stuff is fun!

I adore fantasy.  If my silly plot bunnies are too silly for you, I’m sure I’ll be interested in whatever you have in mind.

  • A Blast from the Past ➝ Re-using the old embarrassing ocs you made when you were ten.  In any plot.
  • Storybook ➝ A teenager finds a door in their new house that leads to a fairytale-like world.
  • The Guests ➝ Humans accidentally crash their ship on a beautiful planet with extraterrestrial life.
  • Penpals ➝ Penpals arrange to meet.


I’ve done email and AIM before, and I liked those, but I’m perfectly willing to try something new.


I should probably mention that if you want to do romance, I only do m//, f// and/or couples with non-binary people.  I love doubling, and in fact require it.  If you want to do polygamy, that’s cool, let’s do it.  I can also do rps with no romance whatsoever, mmhm.

I usually rp in third person, past tense, but I’m happy to adjust to your writing style!


My email: cakelullaby@gmail.com

Marvel CanonxOC / OCxOC RP

Name: Mayhem

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Tumblr blog name: 14mayhem.tumblr.com

Timezone: PST

OC or fandom?: Fandom (Marvel cinematic/TV show universe). Canon x OC or OC x OC

What characters do you have/play?: An OC called Kallisti. Her profile is here…  14mayhem.tumblr.com/kalli

What characters would you like to play against?: Sabretooth, Gambit, Wolverine, Loki, Thor, or your character of choice

Preferred rp medium: Email or messengers, tumblr too.

Any additional notes: Willing to double. No real limits. Partners must be fine with 18+ themes including sex, violence (and death - to NPCs), and strong language.

Contact information: 

Email: hemingmay@gmail.com

AIM: iamanailurophile

Kik: (Phone) 1hfs / (iPad) 14mayhem

Skype: hexadecimal.virus

Yahoo: mayhemingway

Looking for Rp partners ( MxF )

Hey everyone! I’m male in my twenties and I’m posting here hoping to find people who enjoy quality and descriptive writing. I’ve been roleplaying for quite a few years already and I have experience with a variety of genres, themes and fetishes so not much can surprise me. I consider myself pretty flexible and so far I didn’t have much trouble with adjusting myself to my partner. I use email as the contact platform (instant messaging does not interest me as I like to work on my replies, giving them detail and quality). Length of my replies range from two paragraphs to much more, depending on the scene. I try to provide my partners with both quality and quantity and I would really appreciate if you at least tried to do the same for me.

-I play by e-mail
-usually I reply at least once a day (I try to post at least once a day but sometimes I just may be too tired to provide my partner with a quality reply)
-paragraph style only - usually I try to post 2-3 paragraphs but that may vary (won’t post less though and sometimes my intro can be bit long)
-3rd person preferably
-spelling, punctuation, grammar - I try my best so my replies are pleasant to read and so please try to do the same. Of course I won’t criticize you because of some mistakes but I hate it when typical Internet lingo appears in our RP
-I enjoy juicy descriptions

-bondage - no matter whether is light or heavy, it almost always appears in my roleplays. Duct tape, rope, hand-cuffs, whatever - I just like tying up my partners
-spanking, whipping
-both consent and non-consent scenes are fine with me
-light torture (hot wax, twisting nipples, scratching and biting, stuff like that)
-hair pulling
-fetish/sexy clothes
-big breasts
-big ass
-excessive cum

Now despite all those likes I still enjoy typical vanilla scenes. Two lovers simply kissing and caressing each other in their bedroom? Sign me up! 

-scat and other toilet stuff
-zoophilia (can do furry though, sometimes)

Feel free to contact me at azuresoul@onet.eu

Experienced Writer Looking for a Partner

About Me:

I’m Flee. I’m 25, have 15 years of role playing under my belt, and I’m looking for an RP partner to pass the long hours I have to spend at my day job. The majority of my collaborative writing years have been spent working on a handful of truly enjoyable stories with one or two partners. I’m Chicago-based, and am most active between 7am and 4pm. Of course, if we have something really fun in the works, I make time in the evenings and on the weekends.

I’m all about detailed plots, engaging characters, and writing for enjoyment. Building and inhabiting worlds is part of the fun, so don’t be shy about contributing ideas. I am only able to RP via e-mail right now, so please bear that in mind. As far as limits go, I have few. If it’s not incestuous or based around the bathroom, I’m likely okay with it. Just ask.

What I’m Looking For:

My partner must able to contribute to the story. Writing should be in the third person, and post length should vary according to what’s appropriate for the moment. Setting and character introductions tend to be longer, but if we’re working on an action-heavy scene, a small paragraph will often suffice.

Please be over 18. Mature things may come into play, and I’m more comfortable writing with legal adults. 

You must also be willing to play multiple characters…and not all of them female. Sorry, ladies.

Things to Know:

I play characters of all sexes/genders/orientations. All pairings are acceptable. Romance is never the center of my writing, but it tends to come up, and it usually serves to strengthen bonds and raise stakes. If I’m writing a love interest for the benefit of your character, please be willing to do the same for me – provided it makes sense in the story. It is incredibly frustrating when people claim they play multiple characters, but spend almost all of their time and energy on a single character – usually at the expense of moving the story along.

Please, please, please be willing to respond more than once a day. I’m getting back into shared narrative so that I have something to distract me from the incredible boredom I deal with at work. If you are going to be gone for more than a day or two, let me know. I have a life, and I’m sure you do as well. Just be courteous and tell me you’ll be gone for a bit, so I don’t assume you’ve decided to stop writing with me.

This paragraph is obligatory, because I’ve been getting too many e-mails with “Hey u want 2 rp?”, and I’m over it. When you message me, please include a something about yourself, what you like to write, what kind of pairings interest you, and what your limits are. I also require a writing sample, and at least one idea. It does not have to be a plot. A single element will do. I am not interested in carrying an entire story while my partner contributes nothing. If you do not provide these things, I will assume you did not read my profile, and will not write with you. I’m sorry to be so frank, but it’s necessary.

Current Interests:

Over the years I have found that I excel in fantasy settings. Sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic scenarios can also be fun, but I typically shy away from them unless we come up with a truly excellent story. I am open to hearing any ideas you have, and am ready with a few of my own.

I am sometimes open to genres beyond what I have listed, but only if my partner has an idea ready. 

I typically do not RP fandoms. If you would like to try your hand at persuading me to participate in one, you’ll have to have a very exciting plot in mind. You’ll likely only have success if we’re playing in the fandom universe with original characters. I have been talked into working with the Harry Potter universe before, because it was an alternate universe setting with few of the original characters. I am also familiar with a variety of popular books/films/shows. If you have something interesting in mind, it can’t hurt to ask.

If you’re interested in growing as a writer, sharing a story with someone who will respond several times a day (excluding weekends), and having fun, contact me at FleeingShangriLa@gmail.com

One x One with an experienced Roleplayer


My name is Tizzy, and the only working device I can currently use is my smart phone, so email is the one and only way to reach me for now. Apologies in advanced.

A little while back I tried to get a few decent roleplays started up and I failed miserably. If you are one of those poor souls that I had contact with, I’M SORRY I WAS A HUGE FLAKE.

There, I said it. Anyway…

I am 22 years old (23 in about 2 weeks… meh) and I have been roleplaying on and off since I was 13. I love to write, I love getting responses… All of it. It is a hobby I truly enjoy and just can’t seem to stay away from. 

It has been a little while since I’ve actually written, so if we do finally decide to get something started, please have patience. I don’t expect you to send 7 pages of text for every reply, so definitely do not expect that from me. A paragraph or two with some nice style is all I’ll need to give you a great response.

Onto the fine details:

1.) MxF only. I am female so my characters are as well. I know it’s such a standard cliché thing of me to do but until I get my style back, that’s what it’s gonna have to be. Maybe if the plot is right, we can throw some doubles in there.

2.) I am all about smut. No, I don’t want the entire plot line to be about sex, but attraction and romance are great things to have when it comes to telling a story. Nothing gross, please. Scat is gross. Eugh -.-

3.) Come to think of it, most of my characters are fucked up in one way or another. It’ll be drugs, emotions, booze, their past… something to give them a bit of personality. Lots of adult themes and lots of adult language, so if that’s not your thing, keep on scrollin. I would also prefer 18+ of age, and I’m okay with gore as well… just not in the sack.

4.) I’m fairly advanced, but not so much as some of the other posters I’ve seen on here. I just know how to write out a good paragraph or two and keep the story going. I don’t have ultra high expectations so you shouldn’t either.

5.) No god modding, power players, perfect characters… standard stuff here, people.

6.) Since I only have my phone to communicate, I’ll need you to start us off once we have an idea of what genre and characters we’ll be using. Starting on my phone will take forever and I would do much better replying than kicking our roleplay off.

7.) If you find our roleplay is getting stale, just tell me! I will do the same so we can figure out something to spice it up.

8.) Typos are bound to happen, both from me and you. As you can see, I have a pretty lax way of writing so as long as I can see you are trying and putting forth a decent effort that captures my interest, that’s all that matters.

For rules, that’s about it. I’m very nice, I swear. I just need people to know what I’m looking for. I also don’t mind OOC chatting because in the real world, nobody can ever get me to shut my yap… hehe.




I’ll list off what I’m trying to find with a little plot line as well. We can always work on/change up anything we’d like.

*Assassin/Assassin - For this, I would like it to be modern… Maybe a bit of a Kill Bill theme to it? The plot really needs to be great for this one or it gets stale fast.

*Fantasy - Any pairing is fine really, whether it be werewolf/vampire/etc. My character is a Fallen Angel trying to get her wings back but failing miserably. Don’t have much of a plot for this one either but I’m sure we can figure something out.

*Mafia/Some Crime Family - Pretty self explanatory. 

*Harry Potter - Marauder’s Era please, specifically after graduation. I’d really be forever thankful if I could find somebody to pair up Remus with my OC.

*Inuyasha - This is the only anime I will do, and it has been a very long time since I’ve watched. The plot would be Kagome returning after years of not speaking or seeing Inuyasha, we can build from there if need be.

*Star Wars - I am a nut about Star Wars and even I don’t know everything there is to know, so this would probably be LOOSELY BASED on it. Maybe in some other system, and definitely based on the original trilogy.

*Agents - Whether it’s the FBI or some other organization doesn’t matter to me. The setting would be based off of Archer, a show that I love with all of my heart. Perhaps our characters don’t get along and are paired together for some assignment.. a very basic plot line but we can always work on it.

*Slice of Life - adulthood is bland, so a fair warning to you: my character is going to be fucked up in some way for this one… very angsty, very bitchy, and fond of the drink. I would prefer a city setting, and ages to be between 23-30.

*The Leftovers - This show is great, and this would be a new one for me. We would use OCs and the plot would generally be the same… maybe more people disappeared though.

*Post Apocalyptic - Some form of society collapsing, whether it be disease or a cure for something.. I don’t really care. I do have a soft spot for zombies though, let me just say that.

That’s about it! Feel free to ask about ANYTHING! I am always excited to broaden my horizons and get a good plot going with a new genre I have yet to try. I am also up for new pairings as well, as long as they aren’t on the NO list.


Animals of any kind.



Doctor Who. (haven’t seen it)

Any anime that I don’t list. (because I haven’t seen them)



Any fandom that I haven’t seen really… just ask and I’ll let you know :D


Gore in the sack.


I believe that’s all there is to it! I always have my phone on me, so my replies come pretty often. If for some reason it will be a few days to get something sent out, I will let you know ahead of time.

So please, suggest, email, all of the above! To recap: yes to sex, drugs, angst, and rock and roll. No to scat, animals, weird pairings, sex only genres, and anything I haven’t seen.

I hope to be hearing from you.



Name: Brett
Gender: Male
Age: Much too young to feel this damn old, (22)
Years of roleplaying experience: 11 (going on 12)

Interests/Hobbies: Obviously writing and reading, however, I also find great enjoyment in video games, hockey, board games, and anything really related to geek culture. I also love me some baseball.

About roleplaying: I play both male and female characters and I don’t have a certain face claim that I have to use. 

I don’t mind drug use or smut, but I have to be in the mood. My posts generally range from 1 word to 600 words. I don’t post match and I am happy so long as I can reply to what I’m given. I have a full cast of characters, the queen bees, the jocks, the shy girl, the smart ones. I even play a few not so bright ones and ones that may very well come in a school and murder everyone. They range in ages from 16-46 right now.

I’m open to many plots, if you have ideas, let me hear them. I like romance, action, sibling plots, anything really. Though, if it doesn’t sound interesting to me, I’ll let you know. I don’t usually do slash or incest though. (doesn’t mean I’m opposed, just need to have a very VERY good plot.) I do have a couple plots I’m looking to play out on a board that I’m on. I am open to rping on other boards (though I may say no), I am also open to Rping on messengers or through e-mail. My one rule when it comes to Rping really is that you don’t know the answer if you don’t ask. So if you have an idea, PLEASE ask me. I may say no, but I won’t change my opinion on you because of anything you do/don’t like.



  • Hockey

  • Professional Wrestling

  • Video Games

  • Reading

  • Movies

  • Music (Country and Rock mostly)

  • Baseball

  • Italian Food

  • Civilization 5

  • Singing

  • Socializing


Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot that I dislike. I’m open to trying anything once, but I’d say that there is a bit of a disdain for basketball and rap music.

Roleplay genres preferred:

  • *Modern Real Life (Settings are open for discussion)

  • *Harry Potter (Not Marauder era)

  • *Sci-Fi (Star Wars and Firefly are the two fandoms I know most about here, though not necessary at all)

  • *Superheroes (Can do fandom, would prefer not to)

Random facts about yourself:

  • Oh, I love random facts!

  • I was in choir in high school.

  • I am a member of the minority in the world, in that I love professional wrestling.

  • I started RPing in AOL chat rooms (any RDI members here?)

  • My favorite video game: The Last of Us

  • My favorite movie: The Dark Knight (Serenity a very close second)

  • My favorite TV Series: Community or Scrubs

  • My favorite Book: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

  • My favorite musician: Garth Brooks

  • Uh, I run Karaoke every Saturday.

  • I partake in a biweekly podcast. Recorded on Thursdays and released on Sundays.

You can find me on Twitter (@BrettVaa), AIM (BVann1112), IMQQ (BVann1112@aol.com) and on Tumblr (BretterThanRevenge), you can also email me at BVann1112@gmail.com.

Searching for a Role Play!

About Me:

            My name’s Megan and I’m twenty-three years old. I’ve been roleplaying for roughly eleven years over all kinds of mediums. However, I now prefer to keep my role plays strictly over e-mail. I’m a very lengthy writer who likes to go at my own pace.  I tend to get a bit carried away in my writing so I’d never expect anyone to match my posts, but I do ask that you make an effort to get as close as possible. I just ask that if I give you like a page and a half introduction, you give me more than just one paragraph. I like description and really painting a picture with my writing.

I work full-time at a pharmaceutical company sun-thurs, 40 hours a week and I work part-time as a waitress two or three times a week. I have to wake up at 4:00am on the days that I work. My computer time is very limited because of this. I am also engaged to wonderful man who I love spending time with whenever I can. Although we live together, I don’t get to see him that often because he works from 6am to 6pm two to five days a week, not including travel time. We only get a few hours a day when both of us are working. When we get days off together, we like to spend it well…together. Without any distractions. I may not have time to post every day but I will be able to post more than once a week, and, if we’re on at the same time, multiple times in a day! If we are on at the same time we could transfer it over to skype to get in some fast paced replies.

Please respect my time limitations. If anything is wrong with our role play, I will more than likely say something. I would never just drop you unless I had a good reason. That being said, no matter how much time elapses between our two replies, I am always more than willing to pick it up right where we left it. This goes for you as well. No matter how long it takes for you to send me a reply I will always be happy to read it and respond.

Also, I’m currently planning a wedding. I just got engaged on the 27th of July and I’m already getting things organized! So, if you all are okay with my varying availability, yay!

I am so sorry if what I’m about to post sounds a bit mean but I am really looking for something specific. I’m not a mean person I swear! I’m very nice, patient, and understanding. I just don’t want to waste your time or my time by having everything all set and ready to go…and it turns out you weren’t what I was looking for.


  • Do not contact me if you are under 18.
  • I ask that you provide a writing sample when you contact me.
  • On average I write 300+ words per post.
  • First impressions are key. Do not just send me a ‘Hey, what’s up? Wanna rp?’. I want your name or alias, what genre you’re interested in, a writing sample, what gender pairings you prefer, and if you have any limits. Feel free to include more.


  • This seems to be the biggest issue for most people. I am happy doing m/f or f/f for gender pairings. When we’re playing as m/f I’d prefer the female character as my main role. However, I’m not opposed to playing as many male side characters as possible. This does not mean I double! I hate, with the burning passion of a hundred suns, splitting my texts up into two separate posts. I’d rather just let my main character go off and do her own thing “off camera” and give your character attention with my side characters. I also don’t mind writing a role play where there is no romance involved, just friendship.


Current Cravings:

  • Fandom:
    • A Song of Fire and Ice (GoT books)******
    • Fushigi Yugi******
  • Original:
    • Timeless Fantasy*****
    • Greek Mythology*****
    • Twisted Fairy Tale****
    • Medieval Fantasy****
    • Ancient Rome**
    • Old West**
    • Suggestions*****

Characters / Pairings: The characters I would like to play as are bolded. Non-bolded pairings are up to us.


  • Rhaegar Targaryen x Lyanna Stark
    • With this pairing I’d love to play out their story as close as possible to what actually happened in the books. This may be the only canon characters/pairing I will actually do.
    • I am dying to do this. I will explain the plot in detail to anyone who doesn’t know what it’s about. Please, I beg you!

Fushigi Yugi:

  • OC Priestess x OC Celestial Warrior
  • OC Priestess x OC opposing Priestess
  • OC Priestess x OC opposing Celestial Warrior.
  • OC Celestial Warrior x OC Celestial Warrior
  • OC Celestial Warrior x OC opposing Celestial Warrior.
    • I am dying to do this. I will explain the plot in detail to anyone who doesn’t know what it’s about. Please, I beg you!

Old West:

  • Bandit/Outlaw x Married woman
    • My character would be the young wife of a wealthy business man who is never around. Your character (male or female) comes into town and tries to rob one of her husband’s businesses. Somehow my character joins up with your character and they become thieves together.

Timeless Fantasy:

  • The plot I have for this is a not so complicated, complicated plot. It involves our two characters who are destined to be together. They are drawn to each other in any and all realities. We could literally jump around to any genre/fandom/time period, etc. Each time one of them dies they are both transported to another story.

Greek Mythology:

  • I’d love to do one, or a combination, of the ancient Greek myths and just play it out. Like the tale of Theseus, Perseus, Heracles, etc. I will not just be playing as the love interest. I will play as many characters necessary for this tale to come to life.
    • Theseus
    • Perseus
    • Heracles (Hercules)
    • Helen of Troy/Sparta
    • Atalanta
    • Persephone x Hades
    • Jason and the Argonauts

Twisted Fairy Tale:

  • Any tale will do.

Ancient Rome:

  • Gladiator x Upper class woman

Medieval Fantasy:

  • I’d be cool to do a plot where your character is in love with a captured, Princess so he or she has to go on a quest to find her. My character would tag along with your character and develop an unrequited love for them.


             I get in moods when I want to write out smut. Sometimes I’m all for it, sometimes I’d rather fade to black. If we do write out a smut scene I’d ask that we do it over a messenger rather than e-mail that way it doesn’t get drawn out for too long.

            I will never kink shame. However, ask me first if I’m okay with it. Just, nothing too taboo please. I do have a fiancé, he knows I write smut sometimes, but I don’t want him finding something and thinking I’m into things I’m not.

Things I won’t do:

  • Write a character just for the sake of being your character’s love interest.
  • Ask you to write a character for the sake of being my character’s love interest.
  • Write weak, submissive women.
  • No slice of life role plays. They don’t catch my interest at all.
  • Abuse. It makes me really uncomfortable.
  • Excessive gore. I’m extremely squeamish! (It’s so embarrassing!)
  • Anything too taboo in the smut department.


            If you don’t see something on here please ask me! Whether it be a genre, something involving smut or kinks, whatever. I’m a totally open person and I want you to feel comfortable with me!


            E-mail: minimeg1718@yahoo.com

Looking for 1x1 Roleplay Partners

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Avatar AU

"Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Twelve years ago, Avatar Roku, master of all four elements, died trying to save his home from a volcanic eruption. With the absence of the Avatar, Fire Lord Sozin has began leading his nation down the road to war. Already occupying illegal territories in the Western Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation’s armada of warships grow daily. Foreseeing a future of war, the Air Nomads were forced to inform the new Avatar of his identity. Too young to accept his destiny, the young monk Aang tried to continue living his life normally. After discovering that he would be separated from his beloved master, Monk Gysatso, Aang fled his home in the Southern Air temple. Narrowly escaping a violent storm, the young avatar began to wander the world, unable to accept his destiny. With war on the horizon, will the avatar overcome his fear and stop the Fire Nation?"

 We are an alternate universe role play based upon Avatar: The Last Airbender. In our version of the story, Aang is never trapped inside of an Iceberg and must face his destiny in his own time. Our story begins in the spring, shortly after Aang flees the temple and avoids a deadly storm. Unaware of the comet that will empower the Fire Nation at the end of summer, the Avatar is completely unprepared to assume his duties. 

    • Assume the role of an original character in the avatar universe, or play one of a select few canons. Design your own member of one of the four nations.
    • Recreate the beginning of the one hundred year war, an era in the Avatar Universe that has been scarcely explored.
    • Improve your role playing skills and meet new friends!
    • Collect plushies of the ATLA series and trade them for fun!
                               Enter -  Linkback

Name: Amelia
Tumblr blog name: talesofthemind
Timezone: GMT+1
OC or fandom?: Both
What characters do you have/play?: I play a wide variety of characters but they have to be older then 18 and are never purely evil. 
What characters would you like to play against?: Whatever creates an interesting dynamic
Preferred rp medium: Email or Forum
Any additional notes: 

I play both girls and guys, but if you insist on my playing a guy I ask you to do the same. My post tend to be between 250 – 600 words but it all depends on what I get for a reply. I usually reply daily if not I will let you know, sometimes my motivation is just low and life gets in the way. If this happens I will let you know. 

MCU/Agents of Shield 
Teen Wolf
Gifted people
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
Harry Potter – Only post potter
The 100
From dusk till dawn - only Richie x Kate
Once upon a time
The last ship
Post-Apocalyptic setting – No zombies
Modern fantasy/gifted people
Medieval Fantasy
Time Travel/Traveling to other universes

Contact information:
AIM: amelia.night42
Email: nyx.night@hotmail.com
Skype: amelia.night42

Looking for a RP buddy/friend

Hello ..My name is Nikki I’m looking for role players that are looking for long term partner.I prefer mxf. I do like smut but I love romance. I also do fandom and I’m looking for people who loves to write. Umm something about me. Well first IM A FEMALE. I’m 19 years old and I do mxf. My styles, I do first or third person, I also write about two to three paragraphs. I try my best not to do one liners so I try to be as detail as possible. Also of you like to do fandoms and if you have interest please tell which one you would like to do, and do you like cannon or OC. Of you do OC then send me your character please so I can send you mine. I have email, yahoo messenger, Skype, and kik messenger., but I will give you my email then we can go from there.
Fandom :
Disney movies
Teen titans

Also I do here are other ideas..
Knight x princess
Prince x college girl
Vampire x human
Werewolf x human
Welewolf x welewolf
Fallen angel x human
Fallen angel x demon
Demon x human
New student x popluar guy
Neighbor x new neighbor
Strangers x strangers
Neko x mortal
Hope to here from you.
Email- nikki_nails32@yahoo.com

My Roleplay Request

 Name: Jessica
Tumblr blog name: songo88.tumblr.com
OC or fandom?: OC X Cannon 
Preferred rp medium: Email
Contact information: songo88@aol.com

here are just some of the things I know and would really like to rp the rules are right under my list

TV and Movies

True blood (Godric)

Game of Thrones(Robb stark)

The Avengers(Steve Rogers)

Boondock Saints (Murphy)

The Walking Dead(Daryl)



Sons of anarchy any season(chibs)


Law& order(Elliot Stabler)

criminal minds(Spencer Reid)

Ghost Adventures(Zak Bagans)

Dog and Beth on the hunt/Dog the bounty Hunter(Leland chapman)

Lord of the Rings(Legolas)

The Band List.

Asking Alexandria(ben)

Escape the fate(Craig)

Tokio Hotel( bill or tom)

Bullet For My Valentine (Matt tuck)

HIM(ville valo)

The 69 Eyes(jussi)

Pierce The Veil(vic)

Sleeping with sirens(Kellen)


The Dreaming(Christopher hall)

My Darkest Day(matt Walsh)

Framing Hanley(kenith Nixon)

Candlelight red(Ryan Hoke)

Rules & Information

Grammar and style; Grammar and spelling isn’t an issue as long as I know that your trying to say we should be fine but I will not except one liners I RP in third person and paragraph form only I can’t deal with one liners any more but I will not except novel style ether I just can’t match that I like one decent sized paragraph per side maybe two if I’m really inspired but if you write more that’s fine just understand I may not match your length but I will do my vary best to try also know that with grammar my brain only understands capital letters and periods so if you have perfect grammar and punctuation or none at all it will read the exact same way to me I will RP here or over email just let me know your preference.

Love interests and Other Character; I don’t mind having outside characters and or multiple love interests cause I love drama and all he fun things that come with it.

Smuts and other things; I’m more than willing to smut and full lemons and I’m more than willing to do a lot of it I’m willing to do things relating to abuse, violence, gore, death, etc as well and really I have almost no limits but I WILL NOT do any Pedophilia beastiality.

messages and Replies; pleas take your time there is no need to send rushed replies I will not bother you about it I’m on all the time cause I have no life off the internet but I know most others have busy lives so I will give you a week before asking about replies.

Attitude and Fairness; Keep things fair make sure that both sides and if I’m doing something on your side of the rp that you don’t think works for the idea you have in mind for the plot on your end tell me I will be happy to talk and adjust things to something you find is more of what you had in mind.

Terminating an RP; If you no longer wish to roleplay with me then pleas tell me don’t just ignore me I find it rather rude cause if I have to stop the rp I will let you know.

Everything Else; I don’t mind doing more than one roleplay at a time I don’t mind if you just want to talk on the side lines or in another message in fact I encourage outside talks and getting to know my partners.

Hello, I am currently looking for a few roleplays.

My current craving at the moment is to do some sort of alternate universe Marvel roleplay in which I portray James Barnes (The Winter Soldier) If that does not interest you I have more…

I do fandom and original. For original I prefer to keep things historical. I love nearly any era and some fantasy can be added in as well if desired. Some eras I have done and would like to do would include. 

(WWI, WWII*, Civil War, Crusades, Old West*, Medieval/ Med. Fantasy, Tudor, French Revolution, 100 year war, Russian Revolution, American Revolution, Etc) I do many more, the starred are what I am seeking at the moment, but you can just suggest away if you like.
For Fandoms I like to base things off a story and use our own character or the other way around and use characters in our own version, or a combination thereof. 
[Phantom of the Opera (Erik), True Blood (Eric, OC) Thor/Asgard (Loki), Xmen (Charles, Logan), LOTR/Hobbit (Aragorn, Kili, OC), maleficent (Diaval), Bourne Series (Jason, Aaron, OC), Only Lovers Left Alive (Adam)] The characters that are in the parenthesis are the ones that I prefer to play…as you can see I do prefer to play male characters but would rather partake in m/f relationships.
I cannot think of anything else off the top of my head but please suggest. 
I only roleplay over email at zshadowfax@gmail.com
As a disclaimer, I do work and I do go to school, there may be times where I cannot reply on a daily basis. 
Happy Hunting.