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Looking for a rp buddy

Hello..My name is nikki I’m looking for role players that are looking for long term parnter.I prefer mxf. I do like smut but I love romance. I also do fandom and I’m looking for people who loves to write. Umm something about me. Well first I’m a female I’m 19 years old and I do mxf. My styles, I do first or third person, I also write about two to three paragraphs. I try my best not to do one liners so I try to be as detail as possible. Also of you like to do fandoms and if you have interest please tell which one you would like to do, and do you like cannon or OC. Of you do OC then send me your character please so I can send you mine. I have email, yahoo messenger, Skype, and kik messenger., but I will give you my email then we can go from there.

Also I do here are other ideas..
Knight x princess
Vampire x human
Werewolf x human
Fallen angel x human
Demon x human
New student x popluar girl
Celebrity guy x normal girl
Hope to here from you.
Email- nikki_nails32@yahoo.com

RP partner request

Hi!! :3

Name: JourneyCat (or James)
Gender, age: male, mid-20’s.
Tumblr blog name: dreamystoryteller.tumblr.com
Timezone: GMT + 2:00
Looking for roleplayer: Female, for a long-term RP partnership. (Just friendship, so no romance, please.)
Type of roleplays: Original stories, so this requires some worldbuilding, plotting, etc. beforehand.
Fandom: If fandom, then MassEffect, or AceAttorney(PhoenixWright, etc.), or Ghibli/HayaoMiyazaki movies only.
Preferred genres(or orginal stories): adventure, fantasy, medieval, sci-fi (the MassEffect-type)
Preferred rp platform: Skype (just text, so no video/audio chat)
Contact information: journey_cat (Skype)

P.S.: I’m fairly new to Role-playing (although I know most terminologies!), so you’ll have to bear with me as I get up to speed. Though I am well grounded in fiction writing myself, as I’m currently working on my first novel. So, I know a thing or two about stories in general because of that.

How long can you run? ~A Semi-Literate, Action/Sci-Fi/Supernatural Roleplay

If you’re here, it must mean you’re one of us. And if you’re one of us, you’re in serious trouble. If you want to just forget about us, try to rejoin society, blend in with normal humans, I’ll understand. But if you want to fight back, regain your freedom and stop running, well… we’d be glad to have you, friend.

Eknos is a roleplay about teenagers and young adults who were captured as children and genetically fused with various animals. After many years of experiments and torture, the Eknos escaped in a huge jailbreak and were released into the world. However, the scientists who spent millions of dollars on this project want their subjects back, dead or alive.

This roleplay started out several years ago as a Maximum Ride-based roleplay, but it grew over time into something slightly different. Now, my partner and I are looking to take the story we made in this roleplay and make it into a published story. However, in order to make it different from Maximum Ride and work out some rough spots, we are relaunching the roleplay and making it a prequel of sorts. And we need your help!

Only accepting OCs. Although it is not a romance roleplay by any means, romance is allowed, although absolutely no sexually explicit content, please. As far as time zones, I live in Central Time, while my partner and fellow mod lives in the Pacific Time Zone.

If you’re interested in joining our roleplay, here is the forum in which it is held, and here is the site that contains information about the roleplay. If you have any questions, or would like to participate via a medium other than the forum, contact me:

My writing blog: aurora-b-rp

My personal blog: bluh-bluh—huge-nerd

The roleplay e-mail: eknosmod@hotmail.com

Anonymous asked: I wish your layout had it's tags visible, so we could search easier. It'd also be great if more tags were used. If you could add genres, or search people who don't want to play smut, or do, or don't care. I don't know. It's just really really annoying to scroll endlessly through stuff. I hope you don't think I'm bitching, I'm not trying to. I love this blog and what it does, I just think it would be nice if the ads were more accessible.

…wow, to be honest, I never even realized this layout didn’t show tags. OTL I’m so sorry about that! I’ve actually been meaning to update the layout for months and actually make the blog look a little nicer (rather, nice looking at all), I pomise I’ll get to that soon!

At a certain point I think that having tags for each genre and that sort of thing, when you have drama, fantasy, action, horror, suspense, sci-fi, slice-of-life, etc. etc. it might just be more of a tag spam than anything, but I will definitely consider adding more tags if you guys have other requests! The smut/no-smut thing is actually a very good idea, I’ll definitely implement some version of that ASAP.

If you guys have anything else you’d like to be able to search the blog by, l’m all ears~ Or any constructive criticism at all! (on the subject, I’d like to thank the anon in this message for being polite with their message.)

M/ 1x1s or small groups

Name: Stephanie
Tumblr blog name: Hemlocklollipop.tumblr.com
Timezone: EST

-I’m in my 20’s, so don’t be younger then 18.
—Let’s be buddies! I love ooc chat
—-Not a grammar nazi! We all make mistakes, and I’ve played with a couple people who’s English is not their first language. If I’m confused about something I’ll ask you, not berate you.
——My style is between an action film (w/ explosions & knife fights) & a raunchy romance! This is nonnegotiable. I DO NOT fade to black.
——-I play power bottoms or greedy switches. I do not like topping full time, but in no way do I play pitiful push overs. My characters are sassy, and tell you how it is.
———I write for what you give me! My posts range widely in size, depending on what the scene calls for, and the mood I’m in. But I can not, nor will I, drag along a dead game. Do not leave all the work for me! We BOTH should be pushing a game forward.

❤Fandoms & Pairings
Bold means I like to play that character in the pairing.
Willing to play OCs for any fandom, I love all of these verses.
AUs are always welcome!

Anita Blake: Vampire Executioner
~Genderbent!Anita + Could be paired with just about anyone, or an OC… or they could just both be OCs lol

Boondock Saints

Bond Verse
-OCs / AUs

DnD/Forgotten Realms/Pathfinder

Hemlock Grove (give to meeeee!!!!!!!)
~Roman + Peter

The Losers
~Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez+Jake Jensen

Marvel Universe

The Musketeers

My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Pacific Rim
-OCs / AUs


Star Trek
~Kirk + Spock

~Cross Over Only = Dean+Derek Hale

Teen Wolf
~Chris+Isaac (Kind of super craving!)

Walking Dead
❤Favorites & AU ideas
Age Gap
Assistant/Secretary + CEO/Movie Star (or something)
Boarding School/High School
Body Guard AU
Cops/FBI/Special Forces
Cross Dressing
Doubling/Multiple Characters or Games
Drug Use
Guro [light to intense] (Includes Blood Play!)
The Purge/ Or similar situation
Rich Boy/Tramp
Serial Killers
Size Difference
Space Bandits/Bounty Hunters
Step Brothers

Preferred rp medium: Email, Google Docs, Skype, maybe Kik!

Any additional notes: I don’t use stock characters! I don’t like stock characters. I don’t understand them. Trying to twist or warp a world to fit your character… instead of your character fitting in the world? I don’t get it! And I’m tired of people trying this shit with me lol So please don’t. Let’s build OCs together okay?

I don’t mind bumps, or pokes. Sometimes I need them! I forget or get distracted. We all do. But do NOT bump me two hours after you reply. I don’t need you holding my hand and mother hen-ing on me. I won’t do it to you either.

I’m drop friendly! You wanna pop back up six months later, I’m likely to just pick up where we left off.

If I don’t like the game, or I’m bored, I will TRY to tell you. It always feels mean, but no one likes being stuck in something they don’t like. I’d hope you’d do the same.

I like samples! I have samples for you, I have sample character profiles too. I might ask for the same! If I feel like we’re not a good fit, I’ll say so before we start playing. I don’t think it’s a big deal! Everyone writes differently, and everyone’s at different skill levels. Its not a bad thing.

If any of this sounds good, go ahead and drop me a line!Aim: sweetartghoul
Skype: UndeadZombaby
Kik: cujokitten
or Email: skszerosix@gmail.com

I’m pretty sure Kitty was in love with Bunny

Hiya, My name is Po, I am a nineteen year old female and I’ve been roleplaying since I was around nine or ten and could type up a response on a website.

I’m looking for roleplay partners from multiple series. I’m free majority of the day, from around 6am-1am some nights. With summer here I’ll be on more.

So please, if you’re interested, don’t worry if I don’t reply asap, I’ve been super busy, or its probably skype.

I have almost nine years experience, and have done well over a hundred different roleplays.


Paragraph style only



MxM- Not as much because that’s literally what eighty percent of my roleplays are, but still open.

I have a series and ship list over at my tumblr page

Ships and Series



Bizenghast- Holy shit, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s ever roleplayed this series. I can totally dig being Vincent or Dinah, or any other character from the series.

Frozen- Any ship is good, though I’m very burnt out on Elsanna. Unless its an appealing AU or prompt idea, I rather stray away from that pairing. One I really want to find is a certain AU with Hanna, where Anna is literally planning to kill Elsa herself to become queen and all this bundled up homicidal tendencies from being technically alone since her parents died. Hans is surprised but totally digging it.

Total Drama Island- I totally love this show, and I’ve been watching since it came out. I would prefer not to do the newest season just yet however. All ships are available!

Free! Itwatobi Swim Club- Welcoming all ships!

Kill La Kill-  I just recently started this series this week, and should be finishing sometime in the following week. I would love to roleplay this, so any ship and AU is welcome.

Sailor Moon- With the new series coming out, I would love to start another roleplay with this series.

Resident Evil-Especially interested! Please contact me if you’re interested because hell, I fucking love Resident Evil. My favorite three games? Code Veronica, Zero and the original

Soul Eater- Looking mainly for Soul x Maka, something along the lines of post-book when they get older, but we can have a few scenes as them young and timeskips forward.

Silent Hill- Strictly Canon please, no original characters but I can totally roll with having other characters from series playing as said canon characters. Example; I’m doing this wonderful SH3 based roleplay with Kingdom Heart characters, nothing changes much with the plot, but we just add new characters.

Black Butler- I would like to do something in the Circus arc, Like Doll x Dagger or Beast x Joker. Also, maybe one sided Madam Red X Sebastian

RWBY- I love Arkos ok, don’t even play man I will die for Arkos in a war of flames and fires. My other ships include White Rose, Bumblebee and Monkey Wrench. Also, Roman x Ruby

Starfighter- It’s a small webcomic, probably won’t even take you an hour to read through all four parts to be honest if you don’t know what it is yet.

Attack on Titan- Anything with an AU, I love playing as Sasha, Eren, Hanji and can ship anyone with any of them but I prefer Hanji x Levi for roleplaying ship wise.

Kingdom Hearts- Plenty to talk about, I totally love this series to death. Really craving Akuroku or Sora x Kairi atm

Durarara- Would totally love something with Mairu Orihara/ Shizuo, and I will consider Shizaya + Alternates, but its gotta be a good plot and in character. I’ve had a lot of weak and heartstruck Izayas and blood rage Shizuos. Remember, they do hate each other, but Shizuo hates violence, and Izayas…sorta human.

Hunger Games- I’ve only seen the movies, but can dig as said above, bringing in characters from different series and setting them up here. Example; The Big Four are placed in the arena along with other characters from Disney and non-Disney cartoon series, either those or OC’S strictly.

Divergant- Same, I’ve only seen the movie and would prefer using non-canon characters.

Medieval/Fantasy/Circus OC’s- With much thought and consideration, I am opening up my oc’s again. I would much rather do FXF for this, since majority of male characters I’ve rped with in this category are knights, kings or some creepy form of sex slave. Give me summoners and faeries, Elf huntresses falling in love with black magic mage, maybe she hunts certain creatures for her ! Dragon girls and witches, tightrope walkers falling for the lion tamer or ringmaster girl,  just, ugh, I’m craving this so bad you have no idea. Just feed these to me and I shall be happy.


In-verse or an AU: As long as it’s not something cliche like Highschool or major coffee shop, but some of my favorites are as following

Battle to the death: (Like a Battle Royale or Hunger Games)

Anything to do with Vegas


A Rapture/Columbia themed world

Haunted/ regular villages: (Gimme that Fatal Frame world baby)

End of the world: Fallout, Rapture, The Last of Us style world.

Criminal x Cop

Teacher x Student

Butler/Maid x Master

Nurse x Patient

Photographer x Model

Photographer x Highclass/ know celebrity 

Royalty x Lowclass

Druggie x Drug Dealer

Business Man x Dancer/prostitute

I do enjoy fluff, but not to the point of it being OOC and I’m not interested in jumping straight to smut, but building up to it more or less. I had this really awkward roleplay partner who really forced the smut upon me, and it just didn’t work with the story plot at all.

I love faces- Seal the deal with smiley faces, but not like winky faces and shit, thats creepy and I will not have.

You god-mod. That shit’s annoying…

No script style roleplays, they’re very annoying.

No one liners: Please, more the one sentence, or at least give me something to go off of!

No animals/furries

Please do not contact me calling me a stupid cunt or a bitch.

Do not give my information out to your friends

Do not contact me about an OC roleplay

Be accurate: Don’t pull out a laptop if its 1905.

No vore, watersports, mpreg or foot play, as well as heavy eye gore. The first four are topics I will sway away from, and the last is a trigger of mine. Don’t ask me about it, and don’t push on those topics or else I will end communications with you.

Don’t be creepy.

Don’t contact me in regards to having cam sex: I’ve had this happen twice

If I don’t reply, I either skimmed it and forgot, or am busy.
Don’t start a roleplay and delete me. I’ve already had this happen to me multiple times. I had a Resident Evil one that seemed to be going somewhere with a Leon roleplayer, a Hope roleplayer from Final Fantasy as a chief who ended communications well after we started and a few others. If you’re no longer interested, just tell me. Its sort of an asshole thing to do if you never reply and just leave.

If I talk to you OOC, It probably means I’m very comfortable with you. I know we have a roleplay going on, but I might be too busy to make that sort of reply and would rather talk OOC for a while.
If we do smut, please be at least convincing. I hate having a good roleplay going, then oh, the smut is really bad. Just tell me if you’re not used to smut, then I’ll understand, just don’t claim you’ve been roleplaying for four-seven years and have never rped a sex scene because hell, thats basically impossible as I see it. Either that, or you reclaim yourself and say you’re not used to roleplaying this kind of smut. Because unless we’re doing some crazy BDSM or rocket science shit, I don’t think it’s too hard. If you’re uncomfortable however, that’s complete different, we can always just fade to black if anything.

Respect my schedule as I would yours; I have a life outside roleplaying, so do you, and If we’re talking and I disappear, it might be because of this. Don’t bitch and complain about how I need to constantly tell you what or where, why or when I’ll be available ten seconds after my last reply. I don’t know. Give me the space like you would want, and know that I do have a lot of other roleplays going on as well. I hate when I’m busy and unable to reply and I get fifty messages in ten minutes like “Oh are you no longer interested” or something, because It makes me think you’re impatient and want to have a reason to stop communications. I always would appreciate not having a dozen messages asking if I’m still here or if I could whip up something before you knock out. If you expect me to make faster replies because you say “Oh hey, I was wondering if you could maybe make that reply before I go to sleep” with some fucking smilley face at the end. It’ll literally make me more lazier when people are begging me to write something up for them.

No forced sex or rape: I recently have had two roleplays turn a regular situation that was meant to be normal into a sex scene, and it’s uncomfortable really. I would appreciate not having this sort of thing in the roleplay. And since we’re on this topic still, please, don’t have quiet characters who are really weak suddenly overpower a very strong or bold character because of some crappy excuse like “And then he kicked the gun out her hand, yanked her and began grouping her because she was too busy talking.” That just sounds stupid? And it doesn’t make sense to me at all?

No large age gaps: And what I mean by this isn’t 3-6 years, thats totally fine with me and I actually love it, but when one characters fifteen and the others is well into maybe their late twenties and early thirties, it’s disturbing.

Do not tell me to pick a character for you: Thats just lazy.

WHEN I’M AVAILABLE: It’s really depending what I’m doing today.

FINAL NOTE: Skype doesn’t work on my laptop, so I do everything through my phone

Skype: resident-chicklol

When you add me, please include what fandom you are interested in roleplaying with!

Also, I’m a nervous bug so be prepared to do a starter, it’s basically like “Please go first I’m afraid of looking like an idiot oh god

Seeking 1 x 1 WWE Fandom RP.

Hello, my name is Veronica and I am seeking a one x one WWE Fandom RP! 

I have been role playing for 10 years now. Strictly fandoms. I have been DYING do do this RP for a while, but I’ve come up empty with willing partners. :/


1. I am NOT PICKY. If you are not super advanced literate, that’s fine. I’m not either. I even RP with beginners!

2. I only do mxf pairings, and I mostly only play female. I play either if we decide to double. 

3. I am limitless for the most part. 

4. I am online a lot, so don’t worry about me disappearing. (Unless it’s an emergency or something.) I hope to find someone who is also online frequently, and is reliable!

I am looking to do a OC x Dean Ambrose romance/drama. I have written a short plot summary, it is below. 

"Dean Ambrose is one of the most dangerous men in WWE. Stereotypical bad boy? No, not by a long shot. Haunted by a rough past, Dean is dark, unforgiving, and ruthless. Nobody messes with him, or The Shield, his faction of brothers set to bring justice to the WWE by any means necessary. No one wants to get the attention of The Shield, but somehow, the new girl finds herself getting plenty of it from the Lunatic Fringe himself. "

I have left it pretty short because I want YOU to give me your ideas as well. 

If this interests you, my contact information is below:

Email: queenvronn@aol.com

YIM: QueenAmbrose


“Do you know why you continue to chase me? It’s because you’re trying to vanish something dark inside yourself, Detective. But there’s no use in hiding. The darkness always comes out.”
James Sinclair has been a detective for almost fifteen years and never has he encountered someone like her. The department brought her in as a consultant on a series of killings, and James has begun to think that she knows more than she’s telling. Still, he can’t prove anything, so he spends every waking moment going over evidence and following her—hoping to catch her in the midst of something. Yet, she’s the one really watching and pulling James into her dark and twisted world.
James is an original character of mine and I’m looking for someone to play the role of the consultant. 
I have a few preferences:

Please be 18+ and I don’t care if you’re male or female.

Correspondence via email only (both roleplaying and OOC communication)

Please tell me about yourself when you contact me (name/alias, timezone, age, etc)

I’d like a writing sample. It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy, just something to give me a feel for how you write. I will provide one in return if you request.

A few replies a week would be nice.

I prefer using face claims/play-bys for my roleplays. I have Ruth Wilson in mind for the consultant since this plot was inspired by the BBC show Luther. However, that is negotiable.

About Me:

Name: Jasmine

Age: 25

Timezone: EST

Contact info:

email: redlightroleplaying@gmail.com

“Do you know why you continue to chase me? It’s because you’re trying to vanish something dark inside yourself, Detective. But there’s no use in hiding. The darkness always comes out.”

James Sinclair has been a detective for almost fifteen years and never has he encountered someone like her. The department brought her in as a consultant on a series of killings, and James has begun to think that she knows more than she’s telling. Still, he can’t prove anything, so he spends every waking moment going over evidence and following her—hoping to catch her in the midst of something. Yet, she’s the one really watching and pulling James into her dark and twisted world.

James is an original character of mine and I’m looking for someone to play the role of the consultant.


I have a few preferences:

  • Please be 18+ and I don’t care if you’re male or female.

  • Correspondence via email only (both roleplaying and OOC communication)

  • Please tell me about yourself when you contact me (name/alias, timezone, age, etc)

  • I’d like a writing sample. It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy, just something to give me a feel for how you write. I will provide one in return if you request.

  • A few replies a week would be nice.

  • I prefer using face claims/play-bys for my roleplays. I have Ruth Wilson in mind for the consultant since this plot was inspired by the BBC show Luther. However, that is negotiable.

About Me:

  • Name: Jasmine

  • Age: 25

  • Timezone: EST

Contact info:

  • email: redlightroleplaying@gmail.com

Looking for RP Partners

Hello! I’m Heather, 28 and I’ve been rping since I was 13.To say I’ve rped a lot over the years is an understatement :P And you can see most of my past rpg characters here at my RP Database.

I am looking for people to roleplay with in small groups or 1-on-1. You’ll find below a list of interests, such as fandoms and settings, as well as a list of plot ideas. Feel free to contact me about an idea for any of my interests or if you are interested in any of my plot ideas. Just please toss a message my way and ask :)

Contact me: On tumblr or by email: roleplay@queldorei.net

Important! Please note:

I am full on email partners and therefore I’m only looking to RP in the RP Realm of a general forum called Distant Fantasties. There are no applications or requirements, just register an account and you can RP whatever you wish.

Fandoms: Anita Blake series, Kushiel Legacy series, Night World series, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Tortall, Dresden Files, Harry Potter.

Original Settings: Historical, Ancient Civilisations (especially Roman and Greek), Medieval, Renaissance, Crime, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural.

Mature RP: I am looking for some non-con, bdsm and master/slave plots with my character as a female submissive. These are available upon request.


The plots listed below are separated into Fandom and Original and are open to 1-on-1 or small groups. Plots are then divided into two categories:

Pre-existing Characters - These are old RP characters I would like to RP with. Please read their profile carefully and be prepared to play a role that fits with their history and personality. This does not necessarily need to be a character specifically named (i.e. their Master or sire) and these roles can be renamed/rearranged to suit our RP purposes. The essence of the character, including name and play by, must remain the same.

Ideas: - These are ideas for plots which we are there to give you an idea of what I would like to RP. They’re open to discussion, changes and suggestions - as long as they do not diverge too far from the original concept.

Fandom Plots

Anita Blake
Pre-existing Characters: Nathalia, Raquel, Eleasea
Ideas: Open to ideas for RP set in this universe. I’d like to RP in an old RPG setting, you can find the old RP site for it here. The basic plot is a city which has not had a Master Vampire ruling it for several decades and then lycanthropes have developed their own leadership. Now the Vampire Council is taking an interest and has sent a new Master to take over the city.

I am also interested in the animal to call and human servant aspects of the Anita Blake universe. So I’m looking for RP plots with a Master Vampire (male or female) who is the Dominant in the relationship. I’ll be playing a female submissive either human or were/shapeshifter. The circumstances of their relationship can vary, either a forced enslavement (kidnapping, blackmail, a gift, a deal, etc.) or she submitted willingly. I’m open to modern or historical settings.

Merry Gentry
Pre-existing Characters: Nyla, Alannah.
Ideas: I’m looking for an Unseelie Court Master/servant or slave relationship, with me playing a submissive female (species is negotiable). The circumstances of their relationship can vary, either a forced enslavement (kidnapping, blackmail, a gift, a deal, etc.) or she submitted willingly.

Kushiel Legacy
Ideas: I am looking for patrons for a female servant of Naamah of House Valerian. Open to any ideas and suggestions.

Star Wars
Pre-existing Characters: Cayla, Ralee.
Ideas: Star Wars universe I prefer the following eras: Old Republic (SWTOR), during the Rebellion or Post return of the Jedi. I have read most of the Expanded Universe (the old version anyway) but not all, so please check before giving me spoilers.

Night World
I’m a big fan of LJSmith’s Night World series and would love to play something in this universe. It can be modern setting or the past.

Again, I love this series, and would like to RP in this world in an original setting. Either set before Trickster’s Queen Duology or after in a non-canon specific timeline.

World of Warcraft
I have been playing WoW for years and would love to rp some of my characters. Up for ideas with this one :)

Original Plots
Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
Pre-existing Characters: Candice, Amber, Nalani.
Ideas: I love this setting and I’m open to playing female characters of any species; human, fey, vampire, weres, shifters, etc. I’m looking for mature and non-mature rp plots for this setting and I like politics, treachery, blackmail - something that I can really sink my teeth into. I especially like the idea of a post apocalyptic world in which humans have been enslaved and are hunted by the supernatural races. This could be mature/non-con or just the backdrop for something else. Open to ideas.

I have an old game, After Alocer, which is based on an demonic summoning that blocked out the sun. I’d like to RP in this setting or at the very beginning when earth is plunged into darkness and the supernatural are revealed.

Unseelie & Seelie Courts (Fey)
I’d like to RP out plots based on these two Fey courts with specific species details to be decided - I’ve read various Fey based lit, so it could be a merging of that or original concepts.

Earth Domination
I like the idea of humans being taken over and enslaved by a supernatural/fantasy race they didn’t know existed, or possibly an alien race. I’d be interested in RPing out the actual conquest, as well as rebellions and so forth. My only request is that the invaders are humanoid and not based on a fandom.

In 2016 the apocalypse took place, demons spawning and quickly taking over the earth. The warriors of the light, the good guys, whatever you wish to call them, were in minority. Years of squabbling between the world’s religions and their declining popularity put them at a severe disadvantage. It didn’t help that the world’s government responded to the demonic threat with military efforts, and then spent months deliberating about which religion had precedence.

Within 6 months it didn’t matter; the demons had won, earth turned into a pit of darkness. Some parts of the world were terraformed to suit the needs of specific demonic races; great pits of fire, air filled with sulfur. Other cities remained the same but were overrun by the demons. Humans became slaves, cattle that were heavily guarded and bred to see to the needs of the demons. Religious organisations were wiped out by the demons, sacred ground decimated on the commands of the demons. There are still small pockets of rebels, often led by the remnants of religions.

Got other ideas?
I’m open to discussing other ideas if you think they’ll interest me - original settings only though please. I’m very particular about what fandoms I RP and I never play (or play with) canon characters. If we used to RP you’re more than welcome to bring up an old RP plot if you would like to play it again.


Before I give details of plots let me be clear about what I am looking for in my fellow rpers:

1. Intermediate to Advanced RP - I do not expect multiple paragraphs all the time, I know from experience that sometimes 1 paragraph will do the job and still have effect. However, no beginners or one-liners. Likewise, I expect you to have decent spelling, puncuation and grammer.

2. Original Characters only - I like to play fandom/canon settings, but all characters involved MUST be original characters.

3. No PG-13 - Not all the plots I am looking for are erotic RP, however, I like to have the option to RP mature topics as needed.

4. You must be 16 + - This is non-negotiable (FYI I’m 28).

5. Communication - I am happy to discuss details and want RP partners who do the same. Keep in mind though that I do not like to pre-plan every detail of RP, I like things to flow and see what happens.

6. Be flexible - I have health conditions, studies and responsibilities. I will rp when I can. This will not be fast paced, we’re talking at least new posts from me once or twice a week.

7. Methods of RP - RP will most likely take place by email, or on Distant Fantasies as I cannot promise when I’ll be available on messengers.

8. RP Rules - No power-playing, god-modding and so forth. Normal RP etiquette; I control my character, you control yours. Small movements are fine if they help the scene flow.

Anonymous asked: I sent in a submission last week and I still haven't seen it posted.

Tumblr may have eaten it. Send me your username or some identifying info and I’ll check the queue for it!

Searching for Long Term Fantasy Rp Partner!

About Me:

Hello! My name is Blue :3 Right now, I’m looking for a long-term rp partner who is willing to do a romance fantasy slice of life rp. I’d like it to be free-roam, low-plotted, or have an overshadowing plot. I do not do fandoms so OC ONLY. As I’d asked for last time, I’d like a universe that we create entirely by ourselves. :3 Though I don’t want to preplan to death >.> I’m 19 years old and I live in the CST time zone. I have no limits regarding sex, violence, or language besides pedophilia. I can rp on email, facebook, and skype. As well, I’m online just about all day XD So once-a-day replies will not work for me DX

What I’m Looking For:

  • 18+ partner

  • Someone who won’t drop off the face of the earth

  • Someone who will tell me when they are not going to be able to respond in a while

  • Someone who is genuinely creative and can create new species, new environments, new characters, new customs/traditions, etc.

  • Someone who writes in past tense, 3rd person, paragraph form

  • Someone who can write between 2-9 paragraphs. This means Average Lit/Semi-Literate/Literate rpers. This doesn’t mean that you have to write a crapload of stuff but at least have good grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Of course if our characters are just talking, you can do 1 paragraph (5-7 sentences). X3

  • Someone who is comfortable with MxM or MxF. I don’t care about your real life sexuality or gender XP

  • Someone who has similar limits (lack of XD) as me

  • Someone who is fun! :3 You don’t have to use a lot of smilies to be fun (I do >.>) but I’d like someone who is very fun to talk/write to in OOC. If you just write like this: “Hey. I want to rp. Respond if you want.” Then I won’t want to rp with you :P I’d become nervous >.>

  • Someone who doesn’t fade to black. I welcome all kinks! X3

  • Realistic characters. This doesn’t mean that a character can’t cry easily because some people do cry that easily in real life! But I mean the character can’t be static or flat (cardboard) and have only one trait to the personality. If your character is wise, show them being wise. Don’t just say, “The old man was very wise.” XP

  • Someone who can explore different things! Mpreg if you want, characters dying, etc.
  • Someone who can put in awesome, unexpected twists and turns in the rp :3

  • Interesting characters! This also means to have some variety in your characters. :P Please don’t have all your characters acting the same way XD That gets annoying really fast. As well, maybe a backstory? :3 You can create one as you go, of course X3 

  • Details! Show me what your city looks like or how your character is reacting, don’t tell me. This doesn’t mean purple prose, however XD

    • This is Telling: She picked up a shiny rock.

    • This is Showing: Slowly bending down, Arela reached into the pile and grasped what she had to believe was the most beautiful stone she’d ever seen. As she rolled the rock in her palm, it shimmered like diamonds…etc.

  • Someone who is interested in the rp as a whole, not just how they can impress/show off to my characters :P You can spot these from a mile away, especially if they blatantly put in their narrative, “The city had the tallest skyscrapers in the world, tall enough to see over the prairie and mountains ahead. It was really impressive.” I mean, seriously? :P

  • Someone who can post more than three times a day.

  • Someone who actually reads the posts. If you skim it, you miss stuff like a character leaving the room XP

  • Quality AND Quality!

What I’m Not Looking For:

  • Mary sues/gary stu characters. This means that your character cannot be perfect or flawless. Being short or being clumsy is not a flaw.

  • Someone who has to constantly ask me, “So how do I do this?” or “What do we do now?” Given that I’d enjoy some kind of free-roam, there should be lots of ideas/ways >.>
  • Godmods/Powerplayers. Please put “aimed for” or “tried to” when in a battle scene. I’ve recently met someone who believed that godmodding only meant “killing a character.” It’s much broader than that, ranging from killing a character to taking complete control off of the other partner’s hands. Also, you’ll know if your character is overpowered when he/she is one of the only specie, ruler of something, has multiple powers, has great strength, is super fast, has ultimate healing powers, has never lost a battle, and every single person loves them. Come on. :P Even gods would lack some of those. What I DON’T find godmodding, however, is like slapping on the butt, surprise kiss, tripping a character, etc. All of these can happen in real life without the consent of the other person so it’s not godmodding; it’s cause and effect XD Godmodding would be like, “She reached out and grabbed his sword, then turned the blade against him to stab him in the face.” :P

  • Someone who isn’t so personally attached to their characters that they get offended really easily. If my character hates yours, please understand that I don’t hate your character XD My charrie does

  • Someone who doesn’t constantly ask if “our characters would know each other once before.” This also includes having your character suddenly be a sibling of mine or a previous friend. If you want this, please ask me XD

  • Smut-only rps. I’d rather more plot than smut! Or an equal balance. XP

  • Someone who fades to black

  • Anyone under 18. If you’re 17 and about to become 18, it has to be within a week of your birthday.

  • Someone who controls the surroundings/environment more than they control their characters. Yes, I’ve had it happen. I’d like someone who has main, major, and minor characters. Main characters should always be played unless they are inactive (asleep, knocked out, etc.). I’ve come across someone who’s first few posts were explaining the surroundings. Their character was nowhere to be found in their posts until my character went into a city. Please no :P 

  • Someone who time-skips to death. This means please do not change from morning to midday to night in just two posts. Draw it out XD It’s slice of life after all

  • Someone who limits my post paragraphs. Please do not ask me to shorten my posts. Although I do not fluff, it takes me out of my comfort zone to be told, “Can you shorten it?” or “That’s too long.” :P I will never ask you to make yours longer or shorter (if you follow my post length requirements, anyway). But PLEASE no-one liners.

  • NO ONE CLINGY. Please ;^; I hate it when I get messages asking, “Are you online?” or “Why are you offline?” or “Where’d you go? -_-” Sometimes I get up to get water or I’m called to do something XD Or I even fall asleep! I will always tell you when I’m going somewhere to where I don’t have my phone or laptop.

  • Textspeak in IC. In OOC, it’s fine when you do LOL or BRB and stuff like that. But when you do this: I lyk3 2 part3, then that makes no sense whatsoever and I will be sorely put off :( Because, although I’m 19, I write out every single word when I’m texting XD

  • Furries.

  • Insta-romance. 

Just in case:

* Free-roam: Anything can happen! X3 You don’t have to plan anything, you just let it flow as it goes with us tossing stuff in 83

* Low-Plot: Having a small plot to begin with but still ultimately part free-roam.

* Overshadowing Plot: Having a plot that is the run of the rp but doesn’t completely take away from the free-roam.

Contact info:

Email: blueroleplay1@gmail.com

Skype: blue.roleplay1

Facebook: Craft Trinity (roleplaying account)

When you contact me, please include these:


Time Zone

Writing Sample (recent or not)

Please do not contact me with: Hi do you want to rp!? These will be ignored. :P

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In the concrete jungle of New York City, something supernatural is stirring. They live among normal people, going to work and blending in. Vampires, witches, werewolves, and hunters, all trying to survive in the big city. Tensions run high, territories are claimed, and people are bound to get hurt. In the city that never sleeps, everything isn’t always as it seems, so watch your back.

Number Thirteen is a brand new supernatural roleplay that takes place in New York City. We have both skeleton characters for you to choose from and we accept original characters as well. We’re character driven and will have both large events and mini events with occur in real time as things happen in New York. Don’t miss out, we can’t wait for you to join us!!

Mutant and Proud

Name: Debbi or xdarkfaex

Tumblr blog name: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/xdarkfaex

Timezone: UK (GMT 0 or GMT +1)

OC or fandom?: Fandom preferred

What characters do you have/play?: Charles Xavier, Remus Lupin , Fai D Flowright , Allen Walker , Alma karma, Lady Loki , Rogue , Natasha Romanov, Okita Souji, Sanzo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Kagome Higurashi, Kaylee Frye, Belle, James Potter, Severus Snape

What characters would you like to play against?: Erik Lehnsherr, Sirius Black, James potter, Rumplestiltskin, Kurogane, Loki, Natasha Romanov, Kanda, Lavi…

Preferred rp medium: ANY! If you’re in the uk, messengers such as skype are preferred for less delay, but email etc is also fine!

Any additional notes: Currently craving XMEN / MARVEL / MCU/Avengers - Ideally searching for a young Erik Lehnsherr to play against my young (and groovy) Charles Xavier muse (XMFC/DOFP)

I’m happy to play around with the xmen world…first class, days of future past, AU or anything in between! I enjoy bouncing ideas around and finding a plot that we both enjoy (i have a few ideas myself). I’m happy with plot and not-so-much-plot; anything from adventure to fantasy to romance etc. and am happy with smut. It’s not a necessity, but it is an enjoyable bonus (kinks are good too, with a couple of limitations; necrophilia, heavy bdsm and scat are out I’m afraid. Other than that I’m pretty much up for most things.) I am fine with fading to black if it is preferred.

Contact information: xdarkfaeriex at hotmail dot co dot uk

Name: ethan!!
Tumblr blog name: masturb8.tumblr.com
 Timezone: whatever texas is located in??? idk
 OC or fandom?: oc mostly
 What characters do you have/play?: all of my characters are sad gay boys between the ages of sixteen and twenty five
 What characters would you like to play against?: honestly anything goes
 Preferred rp medium: facebook! but that is negotiable
 Any additional notes: send me an ask if you’re interested please and thanks!

Hi, My Name is Loser. What’s yours?

- 20 years of age
- Female
- I live in eastern United States, EST timezone
- I have a part-time job that I typically work from the mornings to the afternoon 
- Some nights I stay up pretty late though
- I do like my sleep however, so sometimes I may take a day to just rest
- Otherwise, I have no life

In the meantime, I’ll just have to indulge in roleplays. 
Roleplaying for me is an escape out of my meager life and puts me into the shoes of my character in a different world. This is my outlet and though I consider it fun, I also take it seriously as well. I want something I’ll be too excited to get back to after work or the first thing I respond to in the morning. I’m certainly looking for someone who feels the same way that I do.

And some honesty; in the past, I’ve gone on a mini hiatus here and there, basically having ditched my partners. And I’m so sorry to all of those that were previously abandoned. I have turned over a new leaf however, and will not ditch anyone without notice. Therefore, I would respect the same thing in return.

I adore slice of life with drama and romance, that literally always pulls me in without any question whatsoever. Romance in general is a requirement with any type of story I play. I also enjoy some action involved as well so anything that has to do with violence or crime is completely fine with me. I especially like plots with gangs and cops/detectives. Ooh, and mystery is something I’d like to do. I can also do post apocalyptic plots and anything supernatural.

M/F pairings are all that I’m looking for at the moment. And in M/F, I prefer to play the female, I could less what gender you identify with, as long as you can play a convincing male character. I do have one request, please don’t make your males extremely feminine. I like my men to act like men, not the opposite sex.

I generally write from 2-4 paragraphs and about 5-6 if it’s a starter. I love detail, so it’s definitely something I include and would appreciate if my partner had the same passion.

I do use faceclaims/playbys but if that is not something you like, I usually provide a written description of my character as well.

Excessive and unnecessary gore (i.e. cutting off a character’s fingers in the middle of a conversation at the grocery store. Unless that was the plot of our story.)
Blood play
Anything that belongs in the toilet
Non-con (unless necessary to the plot)
Incest (too many of these plots floating around lately so I really don’t want to do it.)

Strong characters that aren’t weak or change their personalities five times
Lip biting 
Hair pulling
Dirty talking
Nick names

There’s only one plot/theme I am craving at the moment, so I don’t have any other ideas. It’s for something based off the Sons of Anarchy. Gangs, guns, drugs, motorcycle clubs, drama. All that stuff, I want it and since the new season is coming back soon, it’s all I can think about. I would love to find someone who knows a lot about the show and could execute it perfectly so we’d have an awesome roleplay.

But if you have an idea that pretty good and includes all the things I like, I’ll take a bite.

That’s all I have for now and I’m sure I left out plenty of other details but if you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

I only roleplay by email and you can contact me on: shay.johnson12@outlook.com

Hope to hear from y’all soon!