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A long eventful year passed. Now it’s 1720 in the West Indies. Peace is to be signed soon, and the former enemies will get allied against the common foe - pirates, looting indiscriminately. Privateers remain in the business only for hunting pirates. Will our pirate crew survive? Which side are you on? Sharpen your blades, load your guns, drain that last sip of rhum and join our adventures, spreading death BEFORE THE MAST!

A long eventful year passed. Now it’s 1720 in the West Indies. Peace is to be signed soon, and the former enemies will get allied against the common foe - pirates, looting indiscriminately. Privateers remain in the business only for hunting pirates. Will our pirate crew survive?

Which side are you on? Sharpen your blades, load your guns, drain that last sip of rhum and join our adventures, spreading death BEFORE THE MAST!

New roleplayer trying to get noticed.

Name: Reneé
Tumblr blog name: rp-storyteller
Timezone: Pacific
OC or fandom?: Fandom - Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and BBC Sherlock. I’ll RP with any fandom though, if I’m familiar enough with it.
What characters do you have/play?:

Alyson “Alys” Reed (FC: Natalie Dormer) - A Doctor Who OC who is a Companion of the Eleventh Doctor. She’s from Manchester, Vermont but is currently attending Simmons College near Boston to get her Master’s in Library Science with a specialty in document preservation and authentication. She’s always craved adventure, but was too afraid to jump at it — or maybe she just wasn’t sure how to find it. Little did she know it would come to her! Cause one day she saved a strange man from being crushed by a falling bookcase at the library she worked at — and that man was The Doctor. She knew the name from The Doctor Research Project, an online community dedicated to The Doctor that she’d been part of for about a year and a half. Though they parted ways initially, The Doctor later called her for help tracking down the creatures who had chased him into that library in the first place. When it was all over, he invited her to travel with him. Now she’s having the adventure of a lifetime with this bow-tie-loving mad man with a box, her “Mad Hatter” as she nicknames him. And with her investigative instinct, strong imagination, almost-psychic perceptiveness, and deep empathy, Alys — or “Nancy Drew” as The Doctor sometimes calls her — just might do The Doctor some good too.

Darren Hamilton(FC: Joseph Mazzello) — A Doctor Who OC from the same Main Verse as Alyson Reed. He is a Companion of the Eleventh Doctor as well. He’s a 35-year-old software developer, and is a logical, passionate young man with interests in math, science, technology, and tinkering — much like The Doctor himself. He’s been obsessed with The Doctor since his best friend introduced him to the mysterious Time Lord 20 years ago. To that end, he and a few of his friends started The Doctor Research Project, an online community for fans of The Doctor to gather, discuss The Doctor and his adventures, and share news. It was through this community that he met his good friend Sarah Jane Smith, one of The Doctor’s former Companions, and later on met Alys.

Darren has a short temper and a strong, protective sense. He also has his own darkness to deal with — he fought in the London Volunteer Corps, a volunteer guard organized by former Prime Minister Harriet Jones to protect London during the Dalek Invasion of 2009. And what he saw traumatized him. More than that, his close friend Becky — who he had once loved, and who was recently married and newly pregnant at the time — was exterminated by a Dalek at that time. That just made it worse.

For ages, Darren has wanted to meet his hero The Doctor. But when he finally does, will he be able to cope with the fact that The Doctor might not be the ideal he thought?

The Linguist/Kirstindesmar (FC: Olivia Holt [1st regeneration], Liu Shishi [2nd regeneration], Ginnifer Goodwin [3rd regeneration], Bella Thorne [current regeneration]) - A Doctor Who OC and a young Time Lord about 650 years younger than The Doctor. Inspired by the Untempered Schism, this intelligent Cerulean Chapter girl (born Kirstindesmar) did well at the Time Lord Academy, especially in languages and temporal science. At the Academy in the Capitol, she met The Doctor’s then-future Companion Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana) and they became good friends. But when Romana was recruited to assist The Doctor in the hunt for the Key to Time, the two friends were sadly torn apart.

The Linguist continued on alone, eventually graduating with high honors from the Time Lord Academy. But at that time no pairing or job opportunities presented themselves, so The Linguist got permission from the High Council to travel out into time and space to pursue her goal to learn as many languages as she can so she can share their wonders with others. She journeyed for many years in her Type 70 Mark IX TARDIS, with occasional visits home to Gallifrey, and with various Companions. She learned many languages, mastered many martial arts, and learned to control her powerful mental abilities. She’s only met The Doctor once, in his 7th incarnation, when they saved Romana from being assassinated.

Then the Time War happened. She secretly escaped Gallifrey 20 years into the War, as she could see it was going nowhere, swearing never to return until the War ended. Now she’s alone in the world…or is she?

Mulan (FC: Jamie Chung) - Mulan from Once Upon a Time seasons 2 and 3; she is canon and I go by her canon.

Emily Sparks (FC: Sophia Bush) - Emily Sparks is a BBC Sherlock OC who is an art historian at the National Gallery. She met John Watson in secondary school when she was assigned to tutor him in Latin. They parted ways after secondary school. She reconnects with him when she finds his blog. She meets Sherlock in the context of a case. John and eventually even Lestrade see her as potentially a good expert to have around on a case, but Sherlock refuses to acknowledge her as a professional, calling her a “history geek” and sarcastically nicknaming her “Emily Four-Eyes.” Will Emily ever win his approval?

What characters would you like to play against?:

I’m open to playing against anyone, really, but my preferred ones are:

Alys: Eleventh Doctor, TARDIS, River Song

Darren: Eleventh Doctor, TARDIS, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Maria Jackson, Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra, K-9

The Linguist: The Doctor (especially 7-12), Romana (any regeneration), Irving Braxiatel, any other OC or canon Time Lords.

Mulan: Belle, Aurora, Philip, Neal/Baelfire, Robin Hood, other Merry Men, Emma Swan, Mary Margaret Blanchard, Cora, Captain Hook.

Emily: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mary Watson, Mrs. Hudson, DI Greg Lestrade

Preferred rp medium: I prefer to RP here on Tumblr, though I also have an Instagram account associated with this blog - rp_storyteller - and am willing to RP on there.

Any additional notes:

-My blog is SFW and I don’t do smut.

-My blog may contain triggers, but they’ll be tagged.

-I do crossovers and AUs. Check my blog’s Verses page to see which fandoms I’m familiar with.

-I mostly use Tumblr on mobile.

-Please read my Rules & Verses pages and muse bios before RPing with me.

-I track my username #rpstoryteller.

Contact information: rpstoryteller@yahoo.com

Looking for Role Playing

Hello. You can call me Kat. I’m 36 years old, and I am seeking long term role playing partners.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are male or female to me, as long as you are mature, and you are not merely looking for smut.

I am going to be as clear as possible, so I hope this doesn’t get to be too long.

First of all, here is a bit about me:

I am thirty-six years old

I live in the United States, under Eastern Standard Time

I am online a lot. With that being said, please understand that if I dont answer you, there is a good reason. I usually answer right away when I am online and available for talking via messenger or other means.

I like to talk O.C.C, and become friends as well as writing partners, but with that being said, I mean ‘friends’. Role playing isn’t dating. First and foremost, I am looking for people who understand the difference between these two things.

Also, when you contact me, please don’t just say Age, Sex Location, or 24 Male, RP, or something similar to this that display you spend most of your time hitting up females in chat rooms and do not know what serious role playing actually is. Furthermore, do not tell me who you are going to role play and the character(s) you have chosen for me. This is a huge, huge no no, and it will get you blocked faster than a heart beat. If you have a certain type of character you’d like to see me play, ask nicely, and I will consider it.

When you contact me, please tell me a little about yourself, what kind of rp you like to do, any plot ideas you have, and something about your characters, if you’re that far. I like people who can add to a writing experience, so I like to see you have ideas, and I will offer the same.

I play female or male characters, depending on the need, circumstance, or plot, but do keep in mind that I am female in real life. Also, as far as pairings go, I write M/F, F/F, or M/M. It all depends on the characters, the stories, and my writing partner9s0

I do not expect Pulizer Prize Winning material, but at the same time, you should have at the very least have the average grammar and spelling of a High School Graduate. If Netspeak and one liners are your thing, than please look elsewhere. I like paragraph to multi-paragraph role playing. If you supply anything less than that, than there isn’t enough material for us to work with.

I do both fandom and original role playing games. I also love switching up the fandoms, and doing horror, romance, mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy or any combination of these.

I do not do vore or potty play, period. Other kinks can be discussed. You may be surprised. I may be into it, or I may not. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Also, I should mention one last thing. Please do not control my character’s actions, or feelings, or words, and do not tell me how my character should act and respond. These are huge turn offs and I never do this to my partner. Also, be able to seperate your characters from yourself. This may seem basic, but I have actually encountered people who get angry at me for things my character does. Its just plain weird so, dont do it.

Here is a list of the fandoms I like, although this is by no means the limt of my imagination:

White Wolf’s Old World of Darkness,

Dungeons and Dragons

World of Warcraft

Buffy, Charmed, Angel

Supernatural, Lost Girl, Being Human

Teen Wolf


The Prophecy Series with Christopher Walken

The Hellraiser Series

The Mortal Instruments

If your interested, contact me at katscratchfevere@yahoo.com

Searching for fantasy roleplay partner!

I’m Chris.I’m 19, I’ve been doing rps for around two years and I’m looking for a partner to do a fantasy roleplay with. Ideally I’d like to do something with a large cast of people from different races of beings covering the moral scale and a large unique world full of strange locales. 

I really enjoy well written fight scenes, and I admit I tend to get kind of gruesome when I write them. It’s easy for me to get carried away with a fight scene lol

I have a few plots from a previous roleplay that we could use if interested, although if you had any ideas I’m open to them. Or if you

wanted to start from scratch we could do that!

I really only like using original characters and creating a unique world with whoever I roleplay with, but if you have a character in mind from a fandom universe I’m cool with it, I just dont want the rp based on a fandom because to me they’re boring. 

With smut, as long as it isnt the main focus and doesnt involve pedophilia, beastiality, rape, or scat I’m fine with it however I’m not very good at it so keep that in mind.

I’m more then willing to play more than one character of either gender, but I mainly play men. 

I’m mainly available from like, 10 AM to midnight Western Time on weekdays, and pretty much all the time on weekends. Anything after midnight is hit and miss, but if I’m up I’ll probably reply. I’ll try to reply fairly quickly when I can. 

For post length, anything over a paragraph is good with me. I usually like posts in between 2 and 5 paragraphs, but we all get writers block sometimes, and we all get those can’t-stop-typing moments.

So if you’re interested you can email me at agnoriak@yahoo.com Feel free to ask any questions you may have. And thanks for reading!

Looking for Sonic (m/m) Roleplayers!

Hello! The last time I went searching for a roleplayer it went pretty well, so I’m back at it again!

Name: Kos (a nickname, for now)
Tumblr blog name: whorror-movie
Timezone: Pacific
OC or fandom?: Fandom. Kind of…? I mostly roleplay Sonic yaoi pairings (i’m sorry i’m trash) and I usually like to do AU’s since there isn’t much I’m capable of doing with game cannon. My favorite character is Sonic and I prefer him as the uke, every time. I have a lot of headcannons about him that will play into how I write him, and I enjoy making up elaborate storylines to expand his character in.
What characters would you like to play against?: I’d like to play against characters like Shadow or Knuckles, or even Silver. At the end of the day, it’s characterization (and wonderful smut) that really matters to me, so if you can play a convincing character, you’re good.
Preferred rp medium: Skype
Any additional notes: I usually write two to three lines in general. If the situation calls for it, I’ll write more. I like a paragraph format, generally, so it’s cool if you can do that. I also really, really like intense smut scenes, although things like pedophilia, coprophagia, toilet play, torture, vore, and foot play are a bit sketch. I’m usually on the computer or around it, so you can expect a quick response ~75 percent of the time. Please don’t be on my ass about responding 100 percent of the time, and I won’t be on yours. Also, feel free to talk to me OOC. I like people. And I also like plotting. Do plot with me.
Contact information:the52hertzwhale on Skype. You can initially contact me at hertz52whale@gmail.com.

The Land of Karchan MUD


I am an admin on a game called The Land of Karchan, which is a fantasy MUD that has been up and running since ‘94. Recently we have taken a hit to the player base, some due to differences, some due to real life taking precedence. We are desperately wanting to fill the game with fresh faces and plots.

Karchan is a fantasy game. It has horror elements at times depending on what storylines you build, and some people consider it to have mild steampunk leanings at times. It was originally created to resemble Lord of the Rings, but has greatly evolved over time to include a variety of other fantasy themes.


The sky is literally the limit. While you originally only get to pick from three races (elf, human, and dwarf), talking to an admin really opens up the possibilities. They have the means to turn your character into whatever you want (though obviously divine beings are no-nos).

There are mermaids, cecaelia, elves, fae, a centaur or two, dragons, djinn, werewolves, vampires, etc. The list goes on, but I would be here all day. :)


There Are around 70 deities in game, from super powerful gods to lesser deities and divine spirits. You can have your character follow a deity or not, it is up to you whether or not you join a religion in game.


We currently have a desert area, a shady port town teeming with criminals and lowlifes, a magical town governed by divine witches, ruins, a dreamworld governed by a goddess, a massive underwater area for sea folk, a huge forest for the werewolves, a labyrinth, a fishing town on a mountain, a winter wonderland, a modest capital, and a town eternally shrouded in midnight. That doesn’t even include the various islands!


There are many guilds in game that you can join. There are Knights, Rangers, a werewolf pack, lowlife gangs, bird shifters, gypsy families, evil paladins,  a pirate ship or two, a guild for sea folk, and muuuuuch more.


We are looking for people with original characters that love to write and build story lines with other people. We are looking for people that are not afraid to jump into an rp even if they weren’t there for the very beginning of it. We are looking for roleplayers that can play well with others and who are willing to make friends with our existing player base. :)


There are a few rules listed on the website, but there are some unspoken rules too. The main unspoken rule is no rape rps and no pedophilia! Regular smut is fine, but if you write your love scenes too close to the road, you will likely be punished. Keep those steamy sessions somewhere private! ;)


If interested, send me an email and I can help you get started. I’m a newbie-friendly admin willing to teach you the commands and get you started.

My email is wastedshame@yahoo.com.

The address to the game is http://www.karchan.org

Our wiki is located at http://lokwiki.wikispaces.com

I hope to hear from you soon!


Looking for female RP partners!

Hi everyone,

I’m Omer, I’m 21 and I’m looking for a descriptive, talented female partner for a roleplay. :)

My roleplaying style is paragraphs, and 3rd person. I hate (!) text talk and script RP’s. I try to write at least a paragraph per reply, and I expect you to do the same. The more - the merrier.

I am comfortable playing as a male against a female. But, if the circumstances require it, I’ll consider playing more characters of both genders. and I’d be happy to play every male character in the RP. I think plotting before and during the roleplay is very important. Not to the point of knowing the moves of the characters before we even begin, but still - knowing the world our characters live in, and knowing the characters - is vital for me. OOC talk, in that regard, is welcome, to an extent.

Genres and fandoms? I prefer Oc’s to fandoms, but I won’t disregard fandoms. That being said, I won’t do slice-of-life (That’s just cheesy to me), apocalyptic, futuristic or anything before the 19th century (simply because I don’t feel comfortable playing in times I don’t know enough about).Favorite fandoms - I’m not an Anime fan, but other than that , I love anything related to Harry Potter, Batman or GoT (I’m halfway through the books, but I prefer the TV-Verse). That’s everything that comes to mind right now. 

I have a few ideas of my own I’d like to try: 1) A near future RP, featuring an evil-corporation, that you’re the CEO of. 2) A Clue/Cluedo RP, taking a dark twist on the board game. 3) A Film Noir RP, private detectives and femmes fatales. If you’d like to try one of my Oc’s or you have a fandom or genre you’d like to try and I didn’t mention, feel free to hit me up with it.

Limits and things I’ll do/won’t do - I suck at writing romance. There could be mentions of it, or it could be shown/used, but not as the main genre of the roleplay. Sex, however, can be a major part of the plot (And be written beside it, not instead of it). I won’t do pedophilia, or anything related to fecal matter or urine. I’ll respect it if you’ll want to fade-to-black, but I prefer not to. A list of my kinks and fetishes can be provided if the RP heavily incorporates sex. Gore? Go at it. I’m an EMT, you can’t make me sick with even the goriest of descriptions. :) Language? Feel free to be a potty-mouth if that’s a part of your character qualities. But, of course, keep everything related to the plot. In according to all that, I’ll RP with people who are 18+ only. Feel free to unleash and explore dark urges with your characters. :)

About me and how to contact me - I’m an army medic, so army life prevents me from RPing via IM. I only do email/Google Docs RP’s just because of that. It’s also easier to be descriptive in these mediums. I am not a native english speaker, but I try to be as good as I can in terms of vocabulary, punctuation and grammar, and so should you. I have 3-4 years of experience in roleplaying over Omegle, and this submission is an attempt to take it up a notch. I try to reply daily, or a few times a day, as much as my army service and GMT +2 timezone allows me. Contact me via email -odroleplay@gmail.com. Describe yourself, and the roleplay you’re interested in, and we’ll see from there.

That’s about it! :) I hope I got everything covered, and I’m looking forward to your emails!


☆ 1x1 RP ☆

Hey there! I’m Venus, 19 and looking for someone to do some RP with! 

  • I post anywhere from 1 paragraph to 1 page of writing
  • I’m only comfortable playing a female character as my main one (i can do boys on the side just fine!)
  • Smut, gore, action, I’m cool with it all!
  • MxF mostly though open to FxF
  • Any setting/plot goes! All I ask is that our rps have a bit of spice to them (typical rps don’t really do much for me)

My limits - anything that belongs in a bathroom and rape.

You should contact me if

  • You’re literate
  • Enjoy building complex worlds/plots/characters
  • Are active (a reply at least 1x a day would be fine!)

kik + skype: chromatic_fox

tumblr: blackclothes-redlipstick

email: icyqueen102@yahoo.com

Looking for new partners!

Heyo, I’m Liss.
I’m in college and therefore have free time on my hands, and I’m looking to get back into roleplaying more. Unfortunately, the way that tumblr does roleplaying is actually ridiculous.

I’m looking forward to typing out on average 2ish paragraphs per post, maybe more depending on how far along we are/if there’s anything new IC.

I don’t have any limits, but I’m not here for pure smut.

I am most interested in slice of life/modern and gifted plots atm, but I’ll do pretty much any modern pairing, community, or school based, and a lot of different fandoms (seriously don’t be embarrassed to ask about something because it’s childish or unpopular.)

This could honestly take place on any medium, I’m not too picky haha

You can reach me at lissrp.tumblr.com!

I am looking for people to write and create stories with. To create worlds and characters we squee over and can’t wait to get back to. The kind of stories where we have headcanons and epic ideas, along with AUs sometimes because that’s cool too when things get slow. In short, I want  a fellow write to explore things with.

About me:

I am a woman in her 20s. I would prefer to play against people older than eighteen. Because I enjoy mature themes. Like violence, smut, etc… There are even a few kinky things I am willing to throw in (bondage, hate sex, knotting)

However, I am not into some things. Vore, pedophilia related matters, toilet play. Non-con and dub-con can be discussed, however.

I love my romance because deep down I am a total mush ball.

While I love using face claims/play bys, I can go without them, so no worries there.

I prefer to play females as my main characters and m/f romance. Side characters can be whatever gender.

Please have a good grasp on language and grammar.

Now, ideas! Anything wither asterisks is especially wanted. But all of these are, so don’t be shy about asking about the non starred ones’

- two best friends have one night together and vow to never speak of it again. 6-8 weeks later, news rocks their world: they are having a baby. Hell, it could be more like Knocked Up and it would be two strangers.*

-Two people meet and fall love at first sight but are separated due to random circumstances. It could be anything, college, going off to war, whatever! And then years later, they find each other/one of them returns. We could even throw in that their last night made a baby if you think that would be cool.***

-Something with the drug world. I like the idea of rival drug dealers becoming close and having that to deal with on top of all the other problems. Or the mafia!  Sort of Romeo and Juliet meets Breaking Bad(urban fantasy can be mixed in as well)*

-This one is sort of based in the Supernatural verse. I have an idea for a character for the vessel of the Virgin Mary, so I would like to do something with it :D. OCs, canons, whatever! (though I would love a Dean Winchester)******

-An arranged marriage line. Whether it be two people who snark and snap at each other while they start feeling things or two people who are awkward and cute and stuff. Maybe even something like Dany and Drogo from GoT/ASOIF. Clashing personalities are loved. (I would love the snark fest though the awkward cute-fest is good too!)*. I have characters for this, from a strong willed warrior type (I would love to pair her with someone less forceful, shy maybe even nerdy. She’s….’expiernced’ and I would love for her to be the aggressor instead of the usual ‘man showing the ropes’), to a snarky intellectual (can be paired with anyone), to a shy, wallflower type (maybe a Dany/Drogo dynamic with her!). *****

My email is lookjustlikelittlefish@gmail.com 

I can do email, AIM, Skype, and googledocs RP. 

Looking for a long-term RP partner :)

Hi there! I’m Amanda and like the title says, I’m looking for a long term RP buddy since mine seemed to have fizzled out. 

Time: Eastern

OC or fandom?: Usually I do OC/fandom pairings but either is fine!

Characters: I usually play Hermione Granger, Alaizbel Cray, or as an OC (named Rory) but can normally mesh with just about anything.

Against Characters: As far as pairings… Harry Potter (Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Draco) HAC (Alaizbel/Thaniel), Supernatural (Dean/OC, Sam/OC) and usually I will overstep into playing other characters. For example, if we were to RP Harry Potter other students would be invoked so if you’re playing as Draco, I would introduce conversation from Snape or Harry or whatever. ^.^

Medium/Additional Notes: I like to pair M/F (haha if you couldn’t tell) but I don’t care if you’re a guy or girl or whatever :) so don’t be shy! I like doing IM/email rps and I don’t have a ‘set’ limit on paragraphs or anything. As long as the story flows well, I’m happy. I also do first and third person rps but opt more for first person.

Contact info: You can reach me by my gmail or skype accounts! :)

MyFairBenny11 (Skype) 

Please come say hi if you’re interested! 

Rules | Plot | Canons | Wanted Characters | No Word Count | 18+The Snow Tower is kingless, bleeding.And thus Skyrim is sundered even in the wake of Alduin’s defeat, for the division of the Civil War continues. Old and new forces alike seek to unite the land, no matter the cost. But their efforts may prove stymied by the Thalmor as well as each other.Stormcrown is a recently opened 18+ Skyrim roleplay, focusing on the aftermath of the game. We offer both canon and custom lore-based factions and plots, and are currently seeking canon and original characters.
Rules | Plot | Canons | Wanted Characters | No Word Count | 18+
[Image: l3_s3_v3.gif]

The Snow Tower is kingless, bleeding.

And thus Skyrim is sundered even in the wake of Alduin’s defeat, for the division of the Civil War continues. Old and new forces alike seek to unite the land, no matter the cost. But their efforts may prove stymied by the Thalmor as well as each other.

Stormcrown is a recently opened 18+ Skyrim roleplay, focusing on the aftermath of the game. We offer both canon and custom lore-based factions and plots, and are currently seeking canon and original characters.

Name: Mac
Tumblr blog name: gottagroovegirl749
Timezone: CDT
OC or fandom?: Mostly OCs. Perhaps OCs in fandom worlds? :D
Preferred rp medium: Email only
Additional notes: I’m a busy college student who feels like spending some time writing while procrastinating on studying for exams. I won’t be able to reply constantly 24/7 but I would love to start roleplaying again!! I love meeting new people and becoming friends with the people I write with. Coversations besides roleplaying are quite welcome. :D
Contact information:

My email address: somebodyiusedtoknow375@gmail.com

For more roleplay information: http://kissmeslowlyxo.webs.com/


Independent Judal RP Blog

☼7-8 years RP experience

☼18+ mun/muse

☼PST time zone

☼Open to characters from any fandom (jury’s still out on OCs)

☼Flexible length; varies from a line or two to multi-para posts

☼NSFW-friendly, whether it be gore, smut, language, etc

☼Caught up with Magi anime, not with manga

☼Multiship/Multiverse roleplayer


home | guidelines | open starters | ask box

Hello, may name is Kitty and I’m looking for some new long term partners, since mine have actually started to disappear, unfortunately. So, I’m on the hunt for writing buddies, and even friends! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ This is going to be a bit long, since I like to be super clear, so if you’re not up for that I’m sorry, I’m a bit of a rambler! ~(˘▾˘~)

My blog is desolationofpizza, but I rarely look at the ask box, and prefer to answer questions over email, or other means of communication, so please try and refrain from messaging me on there! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

A little about me and my habits! I write 3-6 paragraphs for starters, the length of those paragraphs can be a bit debatable sometimes but I guarantee I never write less then two paragraphs. As for normal responses I usually write 3-4 paragraphs, but it depends on my partner, and how long their responses are. I’m a big fan of quality over quantity though! (⌒▽⌒)☆

I don’t like waiting more then 5-6 days for a response. I realize that life and reality comes first, and that things can be a bit stressful, so if you’re going to disappear for awhile you’ll have to tell me, and if you don’t I’m usually not the most forgiving, since it just seems like you lost interest and only answered when I notified you. It’s happened all too often, and I don’t want it to become a normal occurrence, as snobby as that sounds.(*/∇\*)After a week I’ll notify you, and if I don’t get a response then it’s over, since he/she has chosen to be super rude. I don’t make anyone wait more then two/three days, and my responses are usually super quick! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

I will go over limitations first, since I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, if they see something they like and then get to the bottom to see something that’s a deal breaker! o(´^`)o
- I will not do huge age gaps! I’m not a huge fan of the teach/student scenario, I will not make any exceptions; unless the plot doesn’t call for romance. but I’ll get to that later. My limit is 8 years. I will not do anything larger.
-Pedophilia is a no. (Hence age gaps)
-Non-con/rape/gangbangs is a no.
-Necrophilia is a no.
-Scat/water sports/bathroom play. The word ‘bathroom’ is in there for a reason. It stays in the bathroom. No exceptions.
-Incest is a no.
-Furries/ponies/animals of any kind is an absolute no.
-Bestiality is a no.
These are strict, and I won’t make exceptions for any of them! Sorry, but not really! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Alright! Now to what I’m looking for! ヾ(o・ω・)ノ
-Slice of life
-Supernatural/Slice of life*****

I have a a plot or two I have that I absolutely love, and they go along with the Historical/Fantasy/Fantasy one, and the Supernatural/Romace/Slice of life one. So if you’re interested in one of those then you should totally ask! (✿◠‿◠)

I put all of these categories, because I’m okay with not having romance, but I prefer to have it, but I’m leaving an open mind so I can have more takers, and the more takers the better! (。´∀`)ノ That’s what I’m looking for for OC, but I would also be okay with intermixing fandoms into them!

Speaking of fandoms, I will list some, to better widen my horizons!
-SNK (Erwin/Levi, Levi/Eren, Jean/Marco)
-Sherlock!BBC (Sherlock/John)
-Free! (Rin/Haru, Nitori/Rin, Haru/Makato)
-Supernatural (Destiel)
-No.6 (Nezumi/Shion)
-Naruto Shippuden (not Naruto): (Sasuke/Naruto, Naruto/Kiba, Kiba/Neji)
-Starfghter: web-comic: (Cain/Abel)
-Merlin: (Merlin/Arthur)

Just ask if there are fandoms I haven’t listed up there, I’m probably in it, and just can’t remember it!

As for contacting me, I really only roleplay over email, since it’s convenient. My email is orchestralcrickets@gmail.com and I hope to hear from you soon!